The world is looking rather bleak these days, don’t you think?

From pollution to public health, the life-threatening challenges that we were warned about decades ago are no longer conceptual concerns that our children and our grandchildren may face one day. We are experiencing the detrimental effects of climate change…

Great technological innovations are all about disruption. Today’s decentralized technology can boost the availability and reliability of known organic and biological remediators, which means that the potential for disruption in the biotech industry is bubbling up like hot primordial soup.

Decentralized technology can support known organic and biological remediators, and breakthroughs in the biotech industry are helping companies clean up — both financially and environmentally.

Using hazardous or toxic chemicals to clean up an already…

Woman typing on a keyboard
Women went from being under-recognized for their achievements in computing to experiencing outright discrimination, all thanks to binary thinking that pits “us” against “them.”

One of the earliest patterns underlying the vast field of computer science and technology is the binary code. It’s a system that represents data by way of two opposing symbols, and it was invented way back in the 17th century by a man who believed that everything could be understood…

Hands covered in blood
America should outlaw the death penalty because it is a violent practice that threatens human dignity and only makes our already terrible problem of violent crime even worse.

Execution is an ancient practice. The beginning of recorded history on the matter dates back nearly 4,000 years to Babylon’s Hammurabi Code, and the death penalty remains legal in about 100 modern world nations — including the United States.

With that being said, executions are not popular. Only 21 countries…

Samantha Joule Fow

How will humans and the environment co-evolve in our technology-driven world? Samantha Joule Fow is on a mission to find out!

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